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You have to love it when an analyst starts his post with:

“Think again if you ever wondered if Mint would lose its edge after its acquisition by giant Intuit. The “startup” once again is setting the benchmark, this time in the realm where personal finance management hits mobile.”

Javelin analyst Mark Schwanhausser, took a long look at Mint’s upgraded iPhone app and liked what he saw. Per Schwanhausser, ”[Mint] understands that it’s a mistake to think that mobile can simply mirror the online experience.

Schwanhausser’s post is timely in that it hits on two key points Intuit strives to keep in mind when creating products and serving customers.

  1. Meet the customer at their point of need. This could mean a website, or as being discussed today, a mobile app.
  2. Design with context in mind. Meaning, when designing a product or app, take into account exactly where and how the customer will be using the product. The above quote about not simply mirroring an online experience is key. Mobile app users are behaving differently then users visiting a site, so their interface should accomodate that context.

Bottom line: Schwanhausser and Javelin think Mint is still fresh and meeting customers at their point of need with a product that fits the context in which they are using it.

Allyson Casey

Allyson Casey leads Intuit's Influencer Relations program. She is located in the wilds of Maine and spends her days turning data and pie charts into plain speak and making sure she's connected with the vast community of influencers. You can follow Allyson on Twitter @IntuitAR

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