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Constellation: Strategy and Mobile


Maribel Lopez of Constellation Research delivered a great webcast this week, and with one quick quote underscored the role of mobile technology in Intuit’s strategy:

“Companies don’t need a mobile strategy, they need a business strategy that capitalizes on mobile opportunities.”

This is exactly what our Connected Services strategy was created to do, serve as the strategic compass from which solutions of all shapes and sizes are born, mobile, Cloud, or otherwise. Mobile is what we refer to as a “How,” it is the means to an end; to meet the customer at their point of need. What is truly critical is something Intuit’s own Omar Green, directer of strategic mobile initiatives discussed in a recent interview with  Derek Kerton of the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley.

“Innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s about deep customer empathy…watch how your customers work and understand their pains.”

Per Lopez, mobile has changed how and what we connect and the ways in which we transact and engage. All of this culminates in what Lopez calls “Context Aware Engagement.” What’s at the heart of ensuring a good experience in this new Context Aware World? Truly understanding how what end users want, meeting them at their point of need and having a strategy in place to back that up.

Allyson Casey

Allyson Casey leads Intuit's Influencer Relations program. She is located in the wilds of Maine and spends her days turning data and pie charts into plain speak and making sure she's connected with the vast community of influencers. You can follow Allyson on Twitter @IntuitAR

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