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Having satisfied or even happy customers is not enough — Intuit’s goal is to have delighted customers. We aim to design for delight.

It’s one of our operating values and has been core to our success since the beginning. Delighted customers tell their friends, and we estimate more than 80 percent of our sales come through word of mouth.

But delight doesn’t come easy, and we’re not perfect by any means. We work hard to stay focused on our goal through a lot of ways, including internal events called Delight Forums.

Everyone in the company is invited to attend these forums, and we broadcast them live internally so employees around the globe can participate and re-watch them. They are hosted by our founder Scott Cook and feature speakers from inside and outside the company.  Speakers share their insights and experiences, and they expose us to best practices, tools and techniques to get better at creating delight. Teams are encouraged to attend together and are asked to identify the one thing that they would do differently based on what they learned at each forum. 

Many of our forums have featured an outside speaker who had exemplary success in creating customer delight.  We have had a blockbuster lists of guests ranging from Lean Startup guru Eric Ries, Facebook’s top data scientist Itamar Rosenn and Ron Johnson, who heads Apple retail, just to name a few.

In today’s forum, we’ll hear from the CEO of Evernote,  Phil Libin.  Libin will share some of the magic behind how they got millions of users in just three years and have become one of the hottest companies in the valley.

We’ll be sure to share some lessons from Evernote on how to delight and innovate, so stay tuned.

Cassie Divine

Cassie loves working closely with Intuit leaders and innovators to help tell their stories. Intuit’s amazing customers have also inspired her to start her own hobby business and she’s waiting for the day that she loses count of exactly how many sales she’s made (205). Follow her on Twitter at @divinecassie

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