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Lessons from Evernote: Working across platforms


Phil Libin and Scott Cook

This morning’s Design for Delight Forum is timely. Customers want to be able to access what they want, when they want it- regardless of device. Intuit has seen this in our own customer base with QuickBooks and Mint (both accessible in the cloud and on mobile devices) and Evernote is no different.

According to Phil Libin, CEO Evernote, “Most Evernote users log in from more than one platform.” This is due in large part to the to the rise of all things mobile and cloud. Libin and his team decided early on that they would focus solely on the end customer experience. Core to success, ensuring that wherever a customer uses Evernote their experience is as close to flawless as possible.

The average Evernote user logs in from two platforms, typically a mobile phone and a computer. But a significant portion of Evernote’s customer base, an estimated 20% log in from at least threeplatforms, phone, computer and tablet. Per Libin, “…there are a lot more [customers] who log in from even more platforms.”

Libin realized early on that native application experiences offered the best opportunity for success and that a multi-platform approach was a must. (Something Forrester analyst Jeffrey Hammond would agree with wholeheartedly.) “We’ve found that the more platforms a customer uses the more likely they are to move to the premium model and the more valuable they are.” The developer statistics and customers per platform illustrate the wisdom behind Libin’s thinking. The happier the customer, the stickier they are!

Evernote Platform Statistics

Allyson Casey

Allyson Casey leads Intuit's Influencer Relations program. She is located in the wilds of Maine and spends her days turning data and pie charts into plain speak and making sure she's connected with the vast community of influencers. You can follow Allyson on Twitter @IntuitAR

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