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Scott Cook: The Boss no longer plays Caesar


Intuit founder Scott Cook believes there is new kind of management. One in which the boss no longer plays Caesar, giving thumbs up or thumbs down on all decisions. Today’s successful leaders embrace systems that allow even junior employees to run fast, cheap experiments.

Cook shares his view at the Techonomy conference, a forum for leaders to discuss how technology is changing everything. Cook joined CEO Marc Benioff,  management guru Gary Hamel and moderator Roger McNamee of Elevation Partners for a panel discussion titled, “Revolutions in Progress: The Case for Optimism.”

Hear more from Scott on this topic by reading the transcript of a talk he gave last spring called Leadership in an Agile Age.

Cassie Divine

Cassie loves working closely with Intuit leaders and innovators to help tell their stories. Intuit’s amazing customers have also inspired her to start her own hobby business and she’s waiting for the day that she loses count of exactly how many sales she’s made (205). Follow her on Twitter at @divinecassie

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