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Sustainability Report Shows how Intuit Goes Green


From carpooling to video conferencing, and from better packaging to fewer printers, Intuit and its employees are finding innovative ways to help the company and its customers become more environmentally sensitive.

Those are just a few of the examples contained in Intuit’s first Sustainability Report, documenting the company’s progress since launching a corporatewide program in 2007.

Highlights from the report:

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 5 percent from the product, packaging and marketing materials sourced in Intuit’s supply chain.
  • Supported Zimride, a social carpooling network to reduce travel by nearly 1 million miles
  • Diverted 60 percent of landfill waste through increased recycling efforts
  • Developed plans to help customers cut paper use by 1 billion sheets annually through its paperless products and services.

The effort supports “We Care and Give Back,” one of Intuit’s six operating values and is fundamental to company culture.  Aligned with this value is a commitment to sustainability – giving back to the environment and making the world a greener place. 

Intuit Green – a program to formalize the company’s sustainability efforts – was developed four years ago.  Since then, the company has worked to integrate sustainability across its business operations. 

For example, in November, Intuit created a companywide Sustainability Policy to guide decision making across company function, from real estate and facilities to procurement and supply chain.  The company will update policies and procedures as the program expands and determines what changes will have the most effect.

The report is an important step in sharing the company’s efforts and engaging stakeholders in its commitment to the environment. Sustainability reporting – sharing a company’s social and environmental performance – is becoming increasingly popular among public companies.  The number of companies producing an annual sustainability report has grown about 40 percent since 2007. 

At Intuit, employee ideas and enthusiasm have fueled numerous innovative green initiatives over the years, such as the Freecycle@Work program and using crowd sourcing to reduce waste and promote carpooling.  The company also helps customers become more green through its paperless logo initiative and other tools for small businesses. 

While the report highlights several accomplishments, it also notes areas for improvement and future goals.  Specific goals include achieving 100 percent data collection for electricity consumption, water usage and waste generation and reducing the company’s carbon footprint 15 percent by the end of 2012.

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Rupesh Shah

Rupesh is Intuit's sustainability director. In addition to leading the company's environmental programs, including operations, employee engagement and reporting, Rupesh is involved in new product development and using mobile technologies to empower individuals and communities in developing countries.

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