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Innovating Away Fuzzy Payroll Math


In some cases, doing work by hand is both artful and desirable. A hand-crafted sailboat or handmade garment are both highly prized and sought after. Payroll however, is not something done better when done by hand.

Statistics bear this out. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that one in three small businesses incur some type of payroll penalty every year because of inaccuracies. And with about 1.5 million small businesses processing payroll by hand, that adds up to a lot of fuzzy math.

Enter Intuit’s latest mobile innovation, Snap Payroll. Available for free in the iTunes App store, Snap Payroll helps employers simply and easily determine the appropriate pay and withholding for state and federal taxes. In an instant, employers can calculate paychecks, wherever and whenever they want.

Snap Payroll is another example of Intuit’s focus to simplify the business of life. You’ll see it in products for both consumers and small businesses. Products like Mint or Quicken, which help the checkbook-averse homeowner balance the budget. Or payroll offerings, helping the small business owner who wants to pay employees right the first time. No matter what the product, innovation at Intuit always starts with the customer. Snap Payroll is no different.

Intuit innovation combines the best of home-grown ideas and expert insight. Snap Payroll started with a team of just three employees applying Intuit’s own Design for Delight approach and principles from Eric Ries’s Lean Startup. The team then met with more than 70 customers to determine the problems they faced and how Intuit could solve them, in processes called “journey lines” and follow me homes. Building on that knowledge, the team held a brainstorming session, also known as an idea jam, to generate more than 150 application design ideas. After rigorous storyboarding and testing with a customer council, the team further refined their ideas into what is now Snap Payroll.

No one says Snap Payroll has the grace of a handcrafted boat. Or the elegance of a hand-stitched garment. But when it comes to smooth sailing for payroll and eliminating fuzzy math, it’s far easier than stitching it together by hand.

Want to see the final product in action? Take a peek at the following video.

Allyson Casey

Allyson Casey leads Intuit's Influencer Relations program. She is located in the wilds of Maine and spends her days turning data and pie charts into plain speak and making sure she's connected with the vast community of influencers. You can follow Allyson on Twitter @IntuitAR

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