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Demystifying Failure


Sweeping a failure under the rug used to be the way to go, but if the FailCon conference has anything to do with it our failures will be front and center. Not for the purpose of shaming those whose ideas didn’t become the next iPad, but to show the value in the lessons that failure gifts to us.

One of this year’s Failcon speakers, Ben Blank of Intuit, spoke about leading with failure, rapid experimentation for innovation. To hear Blank’s tips for entrepreneurs, check out this Failcon blog post.

As part of her Failcon coverage, VentureBeat reporter Christina Farr interviewed Blank on How Large Corporations can act Like Startups. Blank talks about lean startup principles and how entrepreneurs can cultivate a “lean” approach to innovation. Then in a related video interview with Farr, Blank talks about his own epic failure.

Allison Green

Allison likes that there's something new to learn or share every day. At Intuit she gets to tell the story of the company culture, the innovation happening behind the scenes and the importance Intuit customers play in everything that happens.

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