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QuickBooks + Demandforce: Customer Relationships Made Easy


Just 6 months after acquiring Demandforce, Intuit has integrated the company’s marketing software into QuickBooks, making it easier for small businesses to build relationships with clients and customers.
The integration ties 15,000 small businesses already using the Demandforce network to some 4 million QuickBooks users, helping them better engage with customers, drive higher retention and grow their businesses.
A division in Intuit Small Business Group, Demandforce continues to focus on customer acquisition and retention, specifically for service-based and appointment-based small and medium-sized businesses, like automotive shops, salons and veterinary practices. By using the Intuit Partner Platform, Demandforce automatically pulls key customer and transaction data from QuickBooks. This access to customer information helps small businesses target and customize their marketing efforts.

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Diane Carlini

Diane manages Intuit's financial and M&A communications. When she's not talking about stock prices or growth strategies, she enjoys spending time at the beach with her family.

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