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Live Case Break Makes Collecting Cards Fun


Baseball card collectors know the score – if you’re a Cubs fan, no doubt every pack you open will feature the White Sox. Red Sox fans can expect to find a complete set of the Yankees when they buy a case, and Giants fans no doubt go home with a box full of Dodgers.

Now collectors have another option– provides case or box breaks of trading cards. A box or case break is where a customer can purchase only the cards of their team that comes out of a box or case of cards for a fraction of the cost of the entire case or box. All of the breaks they run are broadcast live and are also recorded for viewing at a later time. was founded in 2012 by owners Timothy J. Harmer and Lawrence A. Franco. With Tim being in New York and Larry in Florida, communications and customer service remain important.

Speaking as a customer myself, their service is outstanding. Both of them are responsible for making sure their customers are happy, and they always have the latest and greatest product available. No longer do collectors have to spend their hard-earned money to chase their favorite players or teams. Now they can just purchase their team for a fraction of the cost and keep everything from the product break.

Here is an example: you purchase the San Francisco Giants slot in a case of 2012 Topps Triple Threads. When they open the case, they will pull an assortment of cards from various teams spanning Major League Baseball. Everything that comes out of the case from the three teams you purchased belongs to you. For comparison’s sake, a case of 2012 Topps Triple Threads costs around $1,700 and the cost for the Giants slot would be around $100.

Now of course some teams are more desirable than others and carry different values. But these breaks allow collectors a great opportunity to continue collecting without going bankrupt.

Their breaks encompass every major sport along with various other products. A constantly evolving inventory, timely breaks, crystal clear broadcasts, lightning fast shipping and an unmatched level of customer service are what you will find at You can view some of their previous breaks at BlogTV.

And to make things even better they are using QuickBooks to run their accounting. One of the major reasons they use QuickBooks is because it saves them time, which allows them to focus their efforts on providing top-notch service and exciting product breaks that all their customers look forward to. As many card collectors can attest, buying boxes and hoping to pull “monster” cards that are valuable is a gamble. But LiveCaseBreak makes that gamble more affordable and enjoyable for budgets and collectors of all types.

For more information, please visit their Services section or visit the updated calendar to participate in a break.

Holiday specials alert: LiveCaseBreak will be having some Holiday promotions coming up. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook to find out how to participate.

Troy Marcyes

Troy Marcyes works in customer relations at Intuit and is inspired by the small business owners he talks to every day. In his spare time he enjoys coaching baseball and training in mixed martial arts.

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