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Intuit Harnesses the Power of TED


Intuit hosted its second TEDx conference Oct. 5 in San Diego, bringing together a mix of provocative speakers from outside the company. Intuit’s Christen Wegner Kelly has helped organize both events, and shares her perspective on this thought-provoking session.

The talks inspired us to be the rock in chaotic seas and think beyond borders – from Tijuana to Mars. And encouraged us to quiet our minds forge our own paths and think about how we play, live, and see others.

At Intuit’s second annual TEDxIntuit show, 20 external thought leaders and innovators from across disciplines shared their insights with Intuit employees. The day started with a musical interlude and relaxation and moved to animal behaviorists, dermatologist and beer brewers.

Each speaker and recorded TED talk was specifically chosen to get those wheels working and help employees live the TEDxIntuit theme of “The Art of Reinvention.”

As part of the TEDxIntuit team, I can tell you that we looked at things through a different lens than before when planning this event. We wanted to inspire our colleagues to reinvent themselves and our business to delight our customers. That’s why it was about more than just hearing from speakers; it was a day full of sensory overload to reinvigorate employees like nothing else.

To get a sense of the day’s activities and discover why we brought TED to Intuit, including what attendees learned, watch this video.

The recorded TED talks we chose to show were some of our favorites that matched our theme, “The Art of Reinvention.”

Why Intuit Did This?

TED began in 1984 as a gathering place for innovators and leaders in the fields of technology, entertainment and design. Twenty-six years later, TED has become a nexus for a global community of individuals who believe in the power of Ideas Worth Spreading. TEDxIntuit is an independently licensed TEDx event that was all about inspiring employees to rethink, re-imagine and retrain the way they work, live and play.

And what better way to do that than by harnessing the power of TED. We know greatness when we see it.

So, what’s your favorite TED talk?

Christen Wegner Kelly

Christen Wegner Kelly works as the company's internal news reporter. But she is more than just a great writer, she is also a giant sports fan and a social media thug.

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