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The Complete Series: Lean Startup Lessons Learned


Below is the entire Lean Startup Lessons Learned series where Intuit leaders, including CEO Brad Smith, Founder Scott Cook and Vice President of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson sat down with author Eric Ries to expand on some of the themes in his best-selling book “The Lean Startup.”

Part 1:

Lean Startup Lessons with Eric Ries

In this episode, Brad Smith and Ries explore the role leaders can play in living the values outlined in “The Lean Startup.” What they should do, what they shouldn’t do, and the characteristics of successful lean leaders.

Part 2:

Lean Startup Lessons: Leaders, Get out of Your Comfort Zone

What is one of the most important questions a leader can ask a team when managing in a lean startup environment? Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, speaks with Intuit CEO Brad Smith about this question and how leaders must redefine productivity.

Part 3:

Lean Startup Lesson: Test Before you Build

Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, speaks with Intuit founder Scott Cook about entrepreneurial failures and successes. Ries highlights lessons learned from real world companies, like Food on the Table in Austin that did it right.

Part 4:

Lean Startup Lessons: Breaking Down Your Grand Vision into Entrepreneurial Success

Leap of faith? Or stumbling in the dark? Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, speaks with Intuit founder Scott Cook about breaking down an entrepreneurial vision in a way that leads to finding real success. Exploring the role that leap of faith assumptions play in this process, Ries and Cook make the concept come to life. Ries explains how to identify which assumptions are the leap of faith assumptions and why that matters.

Part 5:

Lean Startup Lesson: Changing Course on a Business Idea Without Giving Up

We can never turn entrepreneurship into a formula, nor should we. However, when it comes to finding business success we must sometimes change course as we find our original ideas need an adjustment. To know when to make those adjustments, or pivot, there are some heuristics to note that suggest when it’s time to pivot.

Part 6:

Lean Startup Lessons: Uncovering the Myths of Lean

Myths around the lean startup concept can lead to teams getting off track. So, it’s important to uncover those myths early. In this interview Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, speaks to Intuit Vice President of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson about the myths and how teams in the lean startup environment can make sure they are focused on the right things.

Part 7:

Lean Startup Lesson: Three Ways to Engineer Growth

There’s more than one way to grow a business. The tricky part for most startups is identifying one growth lever that works and specializing in that. In this interview Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, speaks to Intuit Vice President of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson about three key ways that businesses can engineer growth.

Part 8:

Lean Startup Lesson: Test Before you Build

Consider the cost of building a product only to find out that nobody wants it. Testing the hypothesis for a new product can save time and money. How to go about testing before a product is ever created is the topic of discussion for Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, and Intuit founder Scott Cook in this Lean Startup Lesson.

Cassie Divine

Cassie loves working closely with Intuit leaders and innovators to help tell their stories. Intuit’s amazing customers have also inspired her to start her own hobby business and she’s waiting for the day that she loses count of exactly how many sales she’s made (205). Follow her on Twitter at @divinecassie

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  • Tom Hood


    Great series of interviews. I have been a fan of Eric Ries for awhile and these interviews put the exclamation point on it. I see the same issues for the CPA Profession and the need for so many CPAs in their practices serving businesses need to become “Lean Startups” themselves to add new innovative services to hep these innovative businesses. Thanks for sharing!


  • Techchangers

    Wow, great resources for entrepreneurs. Eric Ries really nails it and breaks down the basic rules of a lean/agile startup.We also like his approach and we totally recommend his books and conferences.

  • Kashif

    I am a fan of agile startup. Great to see the videos compiled together at a page, and fun to listen to Ries again. Bookmarking the page for future reference.

  • BBakeca

    Great interviews ! Thanks for posting!

  • Sam J

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