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Intuit Employees Speak out on Working for one of the Best


When FORTUNE magazine announced its 2013 list of top workplaces, Intuit employees were buzzing about Intuit’s twelfth appearance on the list. Hear Intuit employees from locations all over the map sharing their thoughts about being part of one the Best Companies to Work For.

Allison Green

Allison likes that there's something new to learn or share every day. At Intuit she gets to tell the story of the company culture, the innovation happening behind the scenes and the importance Intuit customers play in everything that happens.

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  • Chris Bradford

    Nice job with the instant video! The best part is, you could get thousands of similar comments if you had enough video cameras. “It’s the People” says it all.

  • Patricia Blough

    I love working at Intuit!!! We are a family . We all help each other in QBO. Your voice is heard along with our customers.

  • McKendry Ellis

    Best quote: kind of validates what we already know!

  • Stephen Wright

    I love the video. Its nice that all the sites seemed to be represented. Great to hear from our friends in the UK and India. Howdy y’all!!

  • Lois Johnson

    As a contingent workforce Recruiter I tell each candidate about the company having been voted among the TOP 100 best places to work and I give a personal endorsement.

    I let the candidate hear the enthusiasm and passion in my voice when talking about what a great place Intuit is to work.

    I describe the culture by using words like progressive, people and employee-friendly, team of professionals and supportive.