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Catalyst – An Intuit Innovation Experience


On January 29, Intuit hosted its inaugural Catalyst event at its headquarters in Mountain View. The event was designed to provide our valued business partners and customers with hands-on training on innovation concepts and techniques that were pioneered by our founder Scott Cook.

Below is a booklet of information from the event as well as additional resources on how we innovate at Intuit.

Follow #innovationcatalyst for more information about the Catalyst event.

More Innovation Tools & Resources

Getting Close To Your Customers

Go Broad to Go Narrow

Run Rapid Experiments

Lean Startup Lessons Learned

Scott Cook’s Principles for Leadership in the Innovation Age

Cassie Divine

Cassie loves working closely with Intuit leaders and innovators to help tell their stories. Intuit’s amazing customers have also inspired her to start her own hobby business and she’s waiting for the day that she loses count of exactly how many sales she’s made (205). Follow her on Twitter at @divinecassie

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