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Intuit: 30 Years of Simplifying the Business of Life (Infographic)


It was 1983 – a groundbreaking year. Ronald Reagan was president. Sally Ride became the first American woman in space. Compact discs made their debut. More than 125 million viewers watched the last episode of MASH. And a gallon of gas cost $1.24 – about $2.25 in today’s economy.

And amidst all these milestones, Scott Cook and Tom Proulx quietly made history on their own, founding Intuit and creating Quicken, the breakthrough financial management software.

Here’s a look back at 30 years of technology and innovation milestones from Intuit and other tech luminaries.

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Intuit 30th Anniversary

Intuit 30th Anniversary

Infographic by Column Five

Holly Perez

Holly loves helping people better manage their money with her work with Quicken and Mint. You can also find her chasing after good bargains and her two boys.

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