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Intuit Ranks 8th on Fortune Best Workplace List


Fortune Magazine has ranked Intuit as No. 8 in its just-released list of Best Companies to work for in the United States, the company’s best ranking ever. In addition, the magazine also included Intuit on its list of Top 10 Perks.

The ranking marks Intuit’s 13th consecutive appearance on the prestigious list. In addition, the company is one of just a handful of tech companies in the Silicon Valley to appear on the list for at least 13 years.

GPTWinfographic“Our longevity proves that we’re building a durable company that is built to last,” said CEO Brad Smith. “Year in and year out, our employees consistently rank us among the best of the best in a very competitive marketplace. Together, we’re creating more than awesome products that improve our customers’ lives, we’re creating an awesome work environment where our employees can do the best work of their lives.

“We will always remain a work in process, but we will also remain deeply committed to making this aspiration a reality. It is our commitment that matters when it comes to attracting the best talent around the world.”

In a brief summary of “What makes it so great,” the magazine cited Intuit’s $650 fitness incentives and the fact that some new hires get to spend their first 30 days getting acclimated to their jobs, learning more about the company without specific work assignments.

Recognizing Intuit’s baker’s dozen achievement, here are 13 things you may not have known about this Silicon Valley stalwart.

  1. Innovation pipeline: Intuit has generated more than $100 million in revenue from products that didn’t exist just three years ago.
  2. Two-pizza teams: Creative teams are encouraged to work in small groups, where a couple of pizzas are enough to feed everyone.
  3. Fat wallets: Intuit personal finance products have helped families put an estimated $1,000 back in their pockets every year.
  4. Payday!:  One in 12 American workers gets paid through Intuit payroll.
  5. Paying it forward (Part I): Intuit employees get four days off with pay every year to volunteer for philanthropic efforts.
  6. Paying it forward (Part II): Intuit cash and in-kind contributions to communities totaled more than $54 million, while employees logged 10,000-plus volunteer hours.
  7. Work-free zone: Some departments let new employees spend their first 30 days learning more about the company, with no specific work assignments.
  8. Dreaming big: Employees are encouraged to spend 10 percent of their time pursing ideas that interest them.
  9. Helping others dream: The Love Our Local Business program helps make entrepreneurs’ dreams come true, awarding 15 small businesses a $5,000 grant each quarter.
  10. In the spotlight: Intuit budgets more than $12 million annually to recognize employees’ outstanding performance.
  11. Beyond borders: Intuit employs nearly 8,000 people around the world, with offices in five countries on four continents.
  12. Be fit: Full-time employees get up to $650 per year to spend on fitness activities, such as gym memberships or Pilates classes
  13. Let’s Get it Started in Here: As part of Intuit’s “100 Startups in 100 Days” competition, more than 80 teams created experiments designed to solve a critical customer problem, producing about $4 million in savings with more than 15 new products in the works.

Michael Runzler

Michael is a former journalist who jumped to the dark side of public relations. He is senior manager for editorial services and managing editor of the Intuit Network. Michael admits that he would have paid more attention in high school English classes had he known he would write for a living. Follow him on Twitter @runzy.

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