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Lean Experimentation Toolkit: A Resource for Innovators


Intuit’s founder Scott Cook spoke with TIME Magazine’s Harry McCracken at the Startup Grind conference and shared what he has learned as an entrepreneur since founding the company more than 30 years ago (see full video below). Cook also revealed some of the entrepreneurial tools created at Intuit, inspired by the work of Eric Ries, to help small teams use lean experimentation to create awesome products.

Learn more about these tools and some thoughts about their importance below. Organizations of any size can benefit by using them to find and solve important problems, from a solo entrepreneur, to a fledgling startup, to a small team in a large company.

Scott Cook at Startup Grind 2014:

Michael Cooper

Michael is with Access Communications and is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in social. Outside of work, he's a passionate Bay Area sports fan and plays on his club lacrosse team. Follow him on Twitter @michaelcooper1.

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  • Lee Blaylock

    this was a fabulous presentation by the man who kicked MSFT in the arse and beat them. Impressive!

  • chirisdex

    Discover more about these resources and some ideas about their significance below. Companies of any dimension can advantage by using them to discover and fix essential issues, from a single business owner, to a new start-up, to a little group in a huge organization.

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