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How Intuit Design Turns Drudgery Into Delight


What’s the secret to creating a product that delights customers who are tackling a chore they’d probably rather not do? At Intuit, the recipe calls for creating a benefit, making it easy, and evoking a positive emotion.

CEO Brad Smith and Vice President of Design Innovation Kaaren Hanson joined more than 450 designers from around the world at the Bloomberg Businessweek Design Conference, an event that explores how design can solve problems across a variety of industries. Speaking with Bloomberg’s Sam Grobart, Smith and Hanson shared their thoughts on the importance of design within an organization, along with Intuit’s goal of creating “an environment where designers can do the greatest work of their lives.” Check out the session below:

Michael Cooper

Michael is with Access Communications and is constantly on the lookout for the next big thing in social. Outside of work, he's a passionate Bay Area sports fan and plays on his club lacrosse team. Follow him on Twitter @michaelcooper1.

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