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  • Beware of the HIPPOs

    The Highest-Paid Person's Opinion May Not Be the Best

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  • Creating Awesome by Design

    Lessons Learned From Airport Coffee Shops and Railroad Tickets

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  • Creating an Innovation Culture

    Six Tips to Ignite That Creative Spark

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  • Best Advice

    What I Learned From a $40 Million Mistake

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  • Designing Change

    How Students Get Down to Business

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Videos: Innovating for Impact

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Articles: Innovating for Impact

By: Startups News / Intuit Labs Takeover

[…] Eric This week, the Lean Startup took over the blog on Intuit Labs with original stories centered around experimentation as a method for investigating all parts of a …

Cheat Sheet to Create a Culture of Innovation

“A discovery is said to be an accident meeting a prepared mind.”     Albert  von Szent-Gyorgyi Nobel Laureate in Physiology or …

How Intuit Design Turns Drudgery Into Delight

What’s the secret to creating a product that delights customers who are tackling a chore they’d probably rather not do …

How to Create Awesome by Design

Awesome is one of the most overused words today. I, for one, generously use it in my everyday life. However …

3 Tips for Better Antelope Hunting

The real title for this blog is: “3 tips for hunting antelope with stone tools – and other cutting-edge Silicon …