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5 Business Lessons I Learned While Running a 5K

I recently ran (okay, mostly ran) a neighborhood 5K after many months since my last event. I’m a very experienced back-of-the-pack half-marathoner, but I tend to only run during the fall racing season, so this was my chance to get off my rear end for the first event of the year. To keep my mind […] The post 5 Business Lessons I Learned While Running a 5K appeared first on QuickBooks.

Are Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals Really Worth it?

With the approach of the Thanksgiving holiday, you might be thinking about taking advantage of Black Friday after Gluttony Thursday. In fact, many people are thinking beyond turkey and family dinners and making plans to shop for deals on Black... Full Story

Health Care, Taxes, and You: What Subsidies Offset Health Insurance Purchased in the Marketplace and Who Qualifies?

As part of the Affordable Care Act, to help people pay for coverage purchased through the Health Insurance Marketplace, low-to-moderate income families and individuals may qualify for a discount on monthly insurance premiums (know as a premium tax credit), as... Full Story

5 Tips for Year-End Tax Deductions

With 2014 coming to a close, it’s as good a time as any to start preparing your annual tax return. And while tax season is nobody’s favorite time of the year, individuals and families can take steps to make tax filing a little less painful. Here are some tips for year-end tax deductions that might […] The post 5 Tips for Year-End Tax Deductions appeared first on QuickBooks.

Tasty Image Chocolate Franchise Owner: Focus on Fun Sweetens Success

In the presence of the executive, jet-setting whirlwind of energy that is Derri Cerbone, founder of the Tasty Image Chocolate franchise, it’s hard to imagine her as a single mom working from home. But that’s exactly how this growing franchise started — on a kitchen table. After a divorce, teacher and newly single mom, Cerbone […] The post Tasty Image Chocolate Franchise Owner: Focus on Fun Sweetens Success appeared first on QuickBooks.