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Videos: Serving Customers

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Employee Happiness: Why It Matters

When you’re trying to grow a business, keeping your customers happy is sure to be high on your list of priorities. While it’s certainly important to take an interest in who’s buying your products or services, you don’t want to overlook the people who are driving your company’s success from the inside. Making sure your […] The post Employee Happiness: Why It Matters appeared first on Quickbooks.

The History of the Treasury: Our Nation’s Money Manager

Did you know that exactly 225 years ago, the United States Department of Treasury was… Full story

5 Ways to Track Your Competition

Big businesses place a high priority on collecting information about their competitors. They recognize that knowledge about the competition — their target audiences, products and services, employee make-up, and more — directly impacts their own financial well-being. Large companies understand that what they don’t know can hurt them. The same principle applies to small businesses. Without up-to-date […] The post 5 Ways to Track Your Competition appeared first on Quickbooks.

SWOT Analysis: What Is It and How Does It Help Your Business?

Launching a new business venture is a major undertaking, and it’s vital that you do your research to make sure you’re prepared. When you’re sizing up the competition and developing a marketing plan, conducting a SWOT analysis is an effective way to identify potential holes in your strategy. It’s something that doesn’t require a significant […] The post SWOT Analysis: What Is It and How Does It Help Your Business? appeared first on Quickbooks.

Take the Day off from Spending this Labor Day

This weekend we’re celebrating Labor Day, which means the government’s celebrating your hard work by giving you the day off. While long weekends are great, if you don’t take a moment to unwind they don’t do you much good. Make your holiday count by taking in one last breath of summer to recharge your batteries …