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Health Insurance Marketplace: What You Need to Know

If you never bought a health insurance plan on your own, now is a good time to learn some basics about health care plans so come the new open enrollment period in November, you will be well equipped to make an educated decision. Full story

Investing: What the heck is a Larry Portfolio?

Recently, I wrote a three-part series on how to start investing. Today, I want to look at an advanced topic. Generally, I avoid advanced topics in investing, for two reasons: 1. Most people don’t even have a grasp of beginner-level investing yet. 2. The vast majority of “advanced” investing techniques can’t beat a simple, diversified portfolio …

What You Need to Know About Back to School and Sales Tax Holidays

If you're the parent to little ones going back to school, you're probably thinking about all the money you'll have to spend on various supplies. Fortunately, now that it’s time to consider your back to school shopping, it's also time to check the dates of your state's local sales tax holidays, if available. Full story

Tax and Financial Tips for New Parents

Welcoming a new child into your family is a mixture of joy, excitement, and added responsibility. But even if you're exhausted from the midnight feedings, make sure to take the time to follow these important tax tips for new parents. Full story

5 Ways to Put the Brakes on Expensive Auto Maintenance

Whether you’re hitting the open road this summer or looking to maximize the life of your vehicle, here are five ways to keep your car and wallet running smoothly. Comparison shop Finding a local garage or car repair shop you can count on is about as important as finding a doctor you can trust. Do …