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QB Trends

Make Your Small Business Stand Above the Competition

Small business owners have a lot keeping them up at night. Am I getting ripped off on rent? How much…

Four Hot Trends From SXSWi

The team is currently occupying SXSW here in Austin, Texas. Here are four of the hottest trends we’ve noticed from…


Big Data: Not Just for the Big Guys

Trying to put a value on the power of big data is a bit like asking how many angels can fit on the…

Intuit CEO Brad Smith on Big Data for the Little Guy

Hear Intuit CEO Brad Smith’s take on what big data for the little guy means for Intuit and our customers.

12-18-2012 1-26-26 PM

Infographic: Sizing Up Big Data for Small Business

While most of the conversation related to big data is focused on big companies, what about the little guys? According…