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INK2013: Scott Cook on “The Power of Experimentation”

INK, TED’s annual partner conference in India, brings together thinkers from around the world to learn from each other and…

Rachleff at Intuit

Some Counter Intuit-ive Advice

“Execution doesn’t matter.” Want to get the attention of highly disciplined executives who think they’re on to the “next great…


Five New Year’s Resolutions Every Business Leader Should Make

In business, as in life, New Years is the time to reflect on how we can take our personal and…


Leadership in the Innovation Age: Four Principles for Leaders

To flourish in the innovation age companies must change how decisions are made. And change how leaders lead. To do…


Demystifying Failure

Sweeping a failure under the rug used to be the way to go, but if the FailCon conference has anything…