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1-26-2012 10-10-21 AM

New Intuit App Connects Low-income Taxpayers to Overlooked Credit

It’s safe to say that everyone relishes the idea of finding the odd $5 bill found wedged under a couch…


Tips to achieve intuitive design – get back to basics

Jared Spool knows a thing or two (ok, a lot) about intuitive design. Spool is the CEO and Founding Principal…


Five Tips for Creating an Entrepreneur Day Submission

The Intuit Entrepreneur Day team is looking for companies that have the right stuff. So, here are a few tips…


Scott Cook talks innovation excellence

Author and blogger Braden Kelley this week kicked off a series of interviews “with innovation leaders at a range of…

Intuit CTO: Thinking in an online world

Over the past decade, Intuit has transformed from a company focused purely on desktop and annual deliveries of new boxed…