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Girl Geek Dinner

How Companies Can ‘Lean In’ to Create a Thriving Environment for Men and Women

Editors’s note: Cheryl Ainoa is senior vice president for platform development, where she leads the development of the company’s platforms…


Women and Work: 6 Practical Tools From Lean In President

“There are great learning curves in small business.” Sage words from Silicon Valley entrepreneur Rachel Thomas. At 24, Thomas founded…

LeanIn_Branded Assets

Intuit Joins Lean In, Empowers Women To Achieve Their Goals

I’m a college graduate. I’m a career woman. I’m a mom who bakes a mean batch of cookies. And I’m…

Grace Hopper

Looking for a Few Good Women… In Tech

Historically, females in science, technology, engineering and math fields have been grossly underrepresented. A 2011 report by the U.S. Department…

Click here to watch Jillian's interview: Joules Jewels Vintage

Weaving Through the Innovation Process

If you had to add up all the items on your daily task list how long would it be? Think…