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Intuit CEO Defines Growth Plans to Capitalize on Global Social, Mobile and Data Trends


Brad Smith, Intuit president and CEO, outlined an evolving connected services strategy that builds on the company’s position in cloud-based services. The strategy includes a focus on products, enabling the contribution of others and data.

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  • Al Brown

    Mr. Smith / Intuit …

    I am a long-time user of your products, especially TurboTax. For the last couple of years (on and off), I have been trying to get you to improve TurboTax. There’s no way I’m the only one out here with this problem.

    I have to file Federal and Illinois tax returns, but I also have to file 20 other state returns, because of a K-1 that we participate in. Sometimes, the incomes in these states are VERY minimal ($5.00 even). In my opinion, you need to develop another level of your product. It would clobber the accountants out there that already charge too much for their software-driven services.

    TurboTax is great. Intuit is a great company. If you could have a choice of multiple products available to the consumer, you could really make a dent into the accountants that charge way too much for their services. Try something like this:

    Federal and 1 State
    Federal and up to 5 States
    Federal and up to 10 States
    Federal and up to 20 States
    Federal and up to 40 States
    Federal and All States

    For the 20 states package, I would pay $500.00 for that. As long as the Federal data flowed into the state form and could handle the K-1 perticipation.

    I understand that you cannot e-file unlimited numbers of states, so the public would have to be told that the IRS makes that rule – and it’s out of your hands. Printing out the returns and mailing them would be fine.

    Hopefully, someone can look over these issues and get back to me. As I stated earlier, I love your product. I just wish it went a bit further. You have the information. You just need to bundle things differently.


    Al Brown